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the same time! Theyre very much experimenting with the format and trying to figure out which works the best. The first half was all pair programming and you were on Google Hangout at the same time. In terms of the actual logistics, the course is broken up into two halves: the junior class and the senior class. Companies are looking for autonomous problems solvers and quick learners. How have you started preparing for Hack Reactor? However, like with everything else success comes from a strategy. Now my official title is Chief Commercial Officer of Reactor Core. Continue Reading Liz Eggleston10/3/2016 Hack Reactor Cisco has hired a number of Hack Reactor grads (almost half of their ctao engineering team are alumni and finds that they are so well prepared and ready to hit the ground running.

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I liked the idea of a structured curriculum, the accountability mechanisms they set up, the peers I would work with, and the technical mentors to check in with. I answered the placement process question earlier. Having scored an awesome job with good perks (flexible hours, can work from home and a salary that is more than both my parent's combined, I can say I have made a good decision. Being on the East Coast, my day would start at noon and not finish until midnight, one, or two in the morning. I would be up really late working on projects. How will you get there?