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And if it breaks down thru the yellow line at any point, even the hodlers need to gtfo, Dow said. Staggering inflation rates are forcing more and more citizens around the world to turn to alternative stores of value defying this so-called crypto winter the market is currently experiencing. Wise words as anyone whos held through a major Bitcoin decline knows. Due to the bear market, cryptocurrencies have started to show some independent movements, which could be considered a positive element in the long-term growth of the sector. It also saw rapid gains in November 2017, when it jumped by 147 from 7,844 to its bitcoin to usd converter chrome peak of more than 19,340. Hence, even if BTC does recover to 4,000, it is not in the all-clear to declare a proper bottom and enter a consolidation period. Bitcoin Is Dead, Long Live Bitcoin! This isnt the first time the market has seen such drastic declines. So when we start to declare a funeral and things get really horrible, sentiment is approaching the lows.

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Its no surprise then that mainstream media have called the death of Bitcoin, around 347 times in fact, according to some. According to data published by BuyBitcoinWorldwide, the market has similar dips to the one experienced in November on two occasions since 2013. Now in its ninth year of operation and fifth or sixth serious pullback, any experienced hodler probably just doesnt care. There has been no shortage of crypto positive price predictions from guests of the show, particularly influential heavyweights like Galaxy Digitals Mike Novogratz and Fundstrats Tom Lee. Back to Business, the reality is that nothing gets done when prices are up double-digit percentages from day to day. Source: m, similarly, highly regarded cryptocurrency traders such as DonAlt and The Crypto Dog have said that Bitcoin is likely to fall to the low 2,000 region if it fails to recover beyond 4,000 in the foreseeable future. In a relatively short period of time, the price of BTC dropped by more than 51 percent.

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Until today, bitcoin has died more than 350 times.
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