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store. This trend is reminiscent of the dotcom boom, when any company that to the end of their name was sure to get a lift in their shares. This thread is archived, new comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Posted by, crypto Nerd QC: CC 78, adoption 212 comments 95 Upvoted. Use Suitable Titles and Correct Flairs. Is now available.48 ounce mesh bag of six. The modern currency in chocolate!

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Chocolate Bitcoins in Walmart Stores.
The chocolate bitcoins are delivered by the Frankford Candy Chocolate Company, the Pennsylvania-based candy manufacturer.
The Frankford Bitcoins are packaged in mesh bags containing.48 Oz of milk chocolate wrapped in tinfoil, according.
Walmart selling Bitcoin should be pretty huge news as it would mean introducing the flagship cryptocurrency to the masses in hitherto unheard-of.

However, there are many comments within the subreddit forum, where member reaction can be seen with several"ng. These coins are made for holding. Do Not Post Low-Quality Content. Do Not Reveal Personal Information. U/EVM-is-Skynet says, A whole new store of value with real-world use. Long Island Iced Tea Corp, in particular, changed its name to Long Blockchain Corp.