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checking the exchange rate margins and fees for each provider, and then apply them to the currency interbank rate; our best projection of their price to customers. Updated 20:20:01(GMT), get Rate, best Exchange Rate, r14525. Our Terms Conditions Apply - You are free to copy and distribute the table under Creative Commons Licence CC-BY.0 - please refer to and link back to the table. The South African rand is a free-floating currency and tends to take its cue from inflation figures. 1 USD.00 ZAR 1 US Dollar.00 South African Rand 5 USD.00 ZAR 5 US Dollar.00 South African Rand 10 USD.00 ZAR 10 US Dollar.00 South African Rand 50 USD.00 ZAR 50 US Dollar.00 South African Rand 100. Forex is an enormous international exchange hub where you can quickly buy and sell the currency of virtually any country online. Millions of people already. US Dollar 5000.00 South African Rand 1000.0 US Dollar 10000.00 South African Rand 5000.0 US Dollar 50000.00 South African Rand 100000.00 US Dollar 100000.00 South African Rand 500000.00 US Dollar 500000.00 South African Rand 10000000.000 US Dollar 1000000.00 South African Rand 50000000.000 US Dollar 5000000.00. Open an account and start trading.

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Use Alpari's converter to change ZAR (South African rand) to USD (US dollar) quickly and conveniently online. The prices displayed above are our best guidance on the likely exchange rates, and for indicative purposes only. You can increase your income by earning on exchange rate discrepancies. This monetary unit also has status as an official currency in the following countries and territories: Lesotho, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. It is also has official status as a currency in the following countries and territories: Ecuador, Saba (Netherlands Zimbabwe, British Virgin Islands, the United States Minor Outlying Islands, East Timor, the Turks and Caicos Islands (UK El Salvador, Palau, Panama, Northern Mariana Islands (USA Marshall. One dollar is made up of 100 cents. One South African rand is made up of 100 cents. ZAR to USD Caculate. ZAR / USD, south African rand (ZAR) R - the official currency of the Republic of South Africa. Today.529, date, exchange Rate 22 Mar 19 1 USD.2108 ZAR 21 Mar 19 1 USD.2234 ZAR 20 Mar 19 1 USD.5132 ZAR 19 Mar 19 1 USD.4324 ZAR 18 Mar 19 1 USD.4337 ZAR 17 Mar 19 1 USD.