bitcoin roundabout slovenia

it will be a reminder of connectivity and of openness to new things the foundations of a quality life in the future. The metal construction was made by Aleksander Franekin and Selman orovi and paid by two slovenian tech companies 3fs and, bitstamp. The trend cant be stopped and it will keep attracting more and more interested people. From the statement: By revealing the commemorative monument, Slovenia will create and send into the world a message that emphasises its openness to digitization, its susceptibility to the use of new technologies and its hospitality towards progressive thinking, which aims not only at the optimization. This is the first monument of its kind in the world and it was created by Slovenian artists Aleksandar Franekin and Selman orovi. This space is especially important as the subject matter can be complex for the general public. Although Slovenia has been ahead of it's neighbors including Croatia in terms of blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption, it's still surprising to see such a small European country allow the placement of such a strong visual symbol of the world's most famous cryptocurrency. Cryptograffiti artist explained during an interview: Throughout history, art has played a pivotal role in spreading movements. Slovenia, with a population a little over 2 million, sports 11 bitcoin ATMs if the information.

According to a statement, this location was chosen to represent the decentralized connections that the blockchain creates between individuals located across the globe, adding that the city hopes the Bitcoin monument will send a message that Slovenia embraces digital technologies. Slovenia is the country that hosts the first bitcoin monument all over the world. Kranj, a small Slovenian city, recently added a new monument to its set the. City authorities of, kranj (Slovenia) placed the, blockchain monument, a statue shaped. The roundabout connects two roads at the city centre. We hope this kind of monument will help raise the still too low awareness of crypto in EU territory which we believe to be the primary reason behind slower regulation Europe-wide. Additionally, there are several artists that express their support for the famous cryptocurrency by creating Bitcoin-related art. The Bitcoin monument will officially be unveiled on March 13 in a ceremony opened by Kranj Mayor Botjan Trilar, Slovenia State Secretary Tadej Slapnik, and Bitcoin Association Slovenia president Jure Pirc. Roundabout Kranj, as the monument has been officially dubbed, sees a Bitcoin logo placed in the center of the roundabout connecting Oldhamska and Gregorieva street, a connecting point for the citys urban ecosystem.

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