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about the pin bars. Daily Price Action is now the most popular website in the Forex price action space. We gave a 7/10 rating for being decent, having nothing bad, but also not having anything special or singular. Module 8, in this module, Justin is talking about trend analysis. You wont find many new ideas in here, but if you are looking for a course teaching these basic PA things, we feel this an acceptable option. Video Library, in the video library, premium members can gain access to many video lessons about different price action topics and practical trading illustrations. The Pillars of Confluence. Other than the discussion on measured moves and wedge breaks, we didnt find much to separate Justin Bennetts material from most of the other price action courses out there.

Highs and how to make your own bitcoin mining hardware Lows, in this lesson, the coach explains how a trend can be identified visually just by analyzing swing highs and swing lows. Justin has specified module 9 for various advanced level lessons and continues to add new lessons periodically. The following are the two detailed lessons included in this module. Pin Bar Entry and Exit Strategies. This lesson covers the rules that should be followed while trading the inside bar trade setups. By using Twitters services you agree to our.

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