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countrys larger technology firms. Do not send payments to expired invoices. Confirm everything is correct, and your wallet will make the payment. Make a payment 3, making a blockchain payment is fast, convenient, and extremely secure. To use your Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, withdraw your Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash from the exchange to a Payment Protocol compatible wallet before attempting to spend.

Cryptocurrency is one more way we help our customers bring their products to market faster, he added. Digitec and Galaxus, an online retailer akin to Amazon, has also started accepting cryptocurrency as payments. BitPay only guarantees the fixed BTC or BCH price for this time period. So far, most of the companies that have taken the step of accepting payment in bitcoin have been younger and smaller. He wrote in a statement, I predict Avnet will attract many new blockchain-focused customers from around the world that want to take advantage of paying with bitcoin. Watch our guide below to learn how to get started with blockchain payments to BitPay merchants. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are secure currencies for the internet.

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These fees can be higher or lower depending on the number of transactions waiting to be confirmed on the Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash networks. Founded in 1921, Avnet is one of the oldest major American electronics companies. Open in Wallet, b If your wallet is on the device you're using to view the invoice, you can open the payment in your wallet by tapping here. C Copy the payment URL from the invoice and paste it in your wallet's "Send" screen, check your payment details, and send the payment. Remember that you will need to provide your BitPay invoice URL or your order ID for the merchant to assist you. They can initiate the refund process or help you get your purchase. It is not included with refunds.